A film
By Malcolm Hart


Ruth and I became friends while students at St Martin's School of Art and remain so to this day. Later in life she divorced her husband Donald, father of her four children, and married my cousin Peter Taylor. Peter and I had lived together while I was a student and was already well known to her.
In 2005 she decided to trace the origins of her family and employed a genealogist to help her. Most of his research was straight forward but he was stymied by reference to one of her siblings, her older brother Alec, about whom there was very little information. He asked Ruth why this was and she confessed she hadn't seen or heard from him for fifty years and thought it likely he was dead. He asked if she would like to find out what had happened to him and she agreed to further research.
Prompted by her genealogist, she made a journey to New York to the last recorded address where he was known to have lived. She asked me to come with her to film whatever she might find. Surprises awaited her.

The film