A film of Molly Parkin
By Malcolm Hart

I met Molly Parkin in 1953 when we were both at the same Art School. Apart from being the most attractive girl on the course she was exceptionally talented both as a painter and as a writer. I fell in love with her. At one point we were engaged to be married but it never happened. I moved to New York and we lost track of each other.
Returning to London in 1967 I rediscovered her. She was married, had two daughters and was being extraordinarily successful not only as a painter but as the highly regarded fashion editor of the trendy magazine Nova.

She also had a boutique on the Kings Road in Chelsea, a restaurant in Belgravia, drove a canary-yellow Rolls Royce, was awash with money and had become an alcoholic.

In the 70s and 80s she turned to writing her comic erotic novels - ten of them - and attracted the attention of numerous TV chat-show hosts fascinated by her outspokenness and bawdy wit. She had achieved celebrity.

She overcame her demons some of which she'd carried with her from childhood and returned with renewed enthusiasm to the painting and writing. We have remained good friends through the years.

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